Sunday, 19 April 2009

We do not like Ear Tags !!

We do not like ear tags.....My resident spitter has not been happy, so I decided to take a look at her ear, it appears that the ear tag has been causing her some discomfort !...there was a lot of heat in her ear, I needed to investigate the problem. So I decided to remove the tag.
After the usual gratitude accustomed by Minstrel, she is not the most delightful girl in the bunch !.....although the sounds effects were quite remarkable....I was showered with a multi combination of Spit, Squeals and Growls !!....but I persevered...I got the job done !!
We did a little first aid.....cut the tag out and removed the infected scab. I then applied a combination of anti-biotic spray, wound powder and Vaseline on the ear.....she was still not a happy bunny.....and there was no signs of gratitude .... I left smelling a little unsavoury....and covered in a mixture of semi-chewed food.....I'm getting quite acquainted with the odour and so is every-one else round here....... we need to have a little talk about 'manners' me thinks !!

My other girls are so pleasant......they're delightful......and don't do that sort of thing !! .....thankfully...


Rob Rawlins said...

Hi Jayne,

I have just realised that you now own Minstrel. Goodness me I remember Minstrel. In 2002, we went to Minstrel's old home to carry out a mobile mating with our herdsire of that time 'Arunvale Cloud'.

Minstrel was a good girl initially and accepted Cloud's advances. Then when it was over, she successfully coated everyone within 100 metres of her in green goo.

I will never forget Minstrel, she was affectionally know as the green fire hose for a while.

I hope her ear is OK, and you remained a human colour afterwards. ;o))

Take care.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Yes !!!.....thats my Girl !!...nice to know that she is still running true to form, I do have a soft, albeit green spot for her !!! doesn't look like she has mellowed with age either !

Im thinking of getting an outside shower fitted at this rate...Jayne

Mark said...

We've stopped ear tagging as routine as there is no legal requirement for them.
As for the spitting.......try to love it!