Thursday, 30 April 2009

Toe-nail trimming, fringe trimming and new summer field for the Girlies !!

Today I have been busy doing a few routine jobs, as mentioned I have been trimming the boys toe-nails, its really strange how some toes grow much quicker than others.

I also decided to trim Zanubis's fringe in order to help him see where he is going, he is very hairy around his face, so I thought that I'd give him a little hair cut.

I have decided to move the girlie's into a different field for the summer, last year the boys were in this field however I have decided to have a little re-arrange of the alpacas this year. The babies are still in their weaning paddock.

We are now out for the summer, unless we get really bad weather and have to bring the alpacas in.

I bet the boys are waiting at the gate tonight to come in for bed-time !.........I'll miss the bed-time stories tonight.................I'll try my best to resist them !!!


Henny14 said...

Is that pic of Zanubis after his hair cut?

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Yes....he has now got two little eyes that you can see, so hopefully he can now see where he is going !!!.............have you got any babies yet !....Jayne

Henny14 said...

Not Crias but 4 Chicks!