Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Night Time Queue at the Gate !!

Yes you have guessed it............there was a night time queue at the gate this evening....I felt guilty !!.............I have resisted the temptation to bring them in for there all kicked out !!.......I'm nasty I know, however some people would say I'm a bit 'bonkers' not to mention any names !!

Zaninni, Zeuss, Zerquo and Zorba were all at the gate tonight waiting to come in !....the others were milling around nearby.

The girlie's were getting to grips with their night out. Minstrel was running around like a lunatic, at one point she did start to 'Pronk'....
I have left the babies out also, I must admit I'm concerned that they might be a little scared of the dark !.....and no I don't leave the light on in the shed !!

Only joking....I'm sure that all will be well in the morning, its getting far to warm to be in at bed-time, we are getting a little too hairy for that sort of thing !!... I'll keep you posted.

I just thought that I'd put some more pictures of my father's hand carved walking sticks, as I have none of the 'dirty stop-outs' ......... in the dark !!


Lucy said...

What a amazing sticks - he is very talented. Your poor babies!! LOL, I am sure they are fine. Ours were out in -20C!! They are very fleecy now anyway. L xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I know, Im just being SOFT..!!

There hardy animals I keep telling my-self....Zaninni was standing at the gate till dark, I checked them later and I could hear humming, Im sure they were discussing the night out !!

My dad has over 60 hand carved sticks that he has made at the moment.....!!!! they are running out of room in the house to keep them !!............Jayne

Debbie said...

Your dads sticks are fantastic!

So come on tell us how everyone managed being out all night.

Anna said...

Hi Jane hope everything good. Im off this week so would love to come and see you. I am the proud owner of a wee flock of Hebridean sheep. Need to learn how to shear asap! Neighbours got two Llamas at rare breeds yesterday. see u soon X