Friday, 26 August 2011

Done...and Dusted !

What a wonderful sight !!......(for me anyway)

The Nick Nacks....are growing up very nicely !!

My lovely two Wyandottes.....and Norris...

Some of the bales...waiting to be wrapped.... can you spot Slinky !!

Tonight the quest to get some haylage is....done for the time being.

Last night I had to help bring the remainder of the haylage up to the barn to get was dark by the time we got finished so I couldn't take a photo of the finished stack.

So this morning, when I let the alpacas out....I managed to take a photo for the blog.

I am really quite pleased with the end result, however I shall not know exactly what its like till I open them around 10 to 14 weeks time....then if it has been a success ...then I shall really know.

In the meantime....we are forecast some of the horrible weather that most of the UK has been getting......the high winds and the rain over the weekend.

Yesterday morning before I went out to move the hay...I managed to do a bit of spinning, this has been washed and dried...and it is now a little ball of wool...which will make its way down to the GWR Yarn Show........

I have also been keeping a close eye on Zakhura and Zirrianna...after their injections.....I think that Zakhura looks happier already.....and Zirrianna looks fine, but it was a case of having to treat both of them.

Both will have another injection 10 days after their first one.

I have relocated the muck spreader tonight, to make some extra space in preparation for mucking out the barn. I shall be doing this sometime I will have to tidy up the barn as I will have to make extra room for the next pending hay crop and the straw for the winter. back is aching....for a change !!


Terry said...

Good job, Jayne! Now do something fun for yourself!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Thay haylage stack looks bagtastic!!! I think you can call that a wrap ;o))

Jeff and Sheila said...

Well done on getting the haylage finished. We have found that our alpacas absolutely prefer haylage to hay any day!

Rosemary said...

Looking forward to seeing the yarn!

And I spotted Slinky - great cat that one!