Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I have Trailed.....and Tribulated !!..Already !!

Just starting out...on the quest...to make some.....haylage this year !

Zakhura..has got a skin problem....which came as a bit of a shock ! we are treating it !

I have 'Blinged Up' ..the Hayturner !

The boys the other day.....waiting at the gate !

As usual the trials and tribulations...have been experienced already with the haymaking experience !

Sunday was a bit of a slow start....to cut a very long story short, after three attempts with the tines bending.....I decided to call in the experts to see what was going wrong...I had three attempts at turning the hay...and I got one row done...then the tines were bending...I just couldn't work out why ! The first attempt...one of my bolts which secure the hay turner onto the tractor fell out...and the turner was not running right...so this bent the tines !

Anyway.....I rang the experts..my contractors for some advice ....and thankfully he was at the yard...and came over to have a look !

There was nothing seriously wrong..with things...but after I had taken off all the tines on one side....I was definitely ....confused...about the arrangement....and I was sure some were on wrong ! but I had myself in a bit of a muddle....there was one or two wrong but the most of them were ok.

It is difficult to see how its running ...whilst driving the tractor..so it was good that James could stand and see it working.....a little bit of final adjustment...and it was right.

So after starting at 12.30pm and expecting to be done in a couple of hours.....I hadn't even got started till 4pm.....I battled on and thankfully all ran well....I eventually got finished at about 6pm.

Now when I parked that tractor up for the evening....I decided to mark the tines and direction....after all I didn't want to get in a muddle again....if I was to find myself in the same situation....so I have 'blinged' up the hay turner !!.....I have a Blue side and an Orange side !..with directional arrows...just for good measure !!

Its very colourful...it nothing else...and I don't care....what anyone else thinks..as long as I know......how the thing works !

On a different note.....last night I noticed that my black girl Zakhura.....had several baldy sores on her back....which surprised me to say the least......as I bring the girls in every night and spend hours..with them...I was very surprised that I had missed this ! Im was checking her only a couple of weeks ago...and strangely enough, I thought she looked a bit poor ..!! I had thought that it was maybe due to the fact that Zirrianna might have been pulling her down...however after discovering her skin problems...this also obviously has had an effect on her condition.

She has been sprayed....with Terramycin, and she has also had an injection of Dectomax....as I think this is a mange problem.....I have discussed this with Rob & Les at Wellground, and it might be a thought that she could have caught this from the local wildlife.....as she was fine a couple of weeks ago.......so I guess its a possibility, and I know for sure that we have not caught any thing from any other source....as we are a closed herd !

So I shall be keeping an extra special close eye on her and Zirrianna, over the next few weeks....she will get a repeat injection in 10 days time......so if it is mange....this should do the trick....

Just goes to show.......no matter, how careful you are...there is always something to catch you out....!!


Terry said...

Sounds too complicated for me! Glad it's all fixed.
I hope Zakhura heals quickly, and yes, it is always something.

Shirley said...

Plenty of old tractors held together with baler twine in this paart of the world but no 'blinged up' machnery! Well done you on getting it sorted. Hope you get to the bottom of Zakhura's problems. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

irma said...

Sorry to read that Zakhura hasn't been well. Good luck with the haymaking. Thanks for the lovely time and nice to see us up on your blog. lots of love xxx

irma said...

hi Jayne, weather has been poor. They started with the gutters this morning but after 1 1/2 hours work the wetter got them completely soaked. They should be back tomorrow. Managed to do some spinning this afternoon, lovely...... I can feel the addiction kicking in... cheers!!