Friday, 19 August 2011

Hay...... we go Again !!

The boys today....enjoying the sun..

Just starting....about 8pm this evening....

The big tractor....makes my little tractor look dinky !

My preparation team....this afternoon.....we are ready...I think !!

Well its that time of year again....the quest to win the hay, haylage & silage has started !!

After checking the weather forecast for the next week......apart from one shower threatening....on Tuesday...its according to the Met Office...looking good...

So, today I rang the contractors...who are obviously working flat ask if they could fit me in for getting the fields cut. I was hoping for today sometime, or maybe tomorrow.

I decided to have quite an early finish tonight, I was all done by 7.45pm....then you guessed it, I could hear a tractor......and I thought to myself...I bet its the contractors coming up the track !

So as I type, they are cutting the 10 acre field, well actually more like 7 or 8 acres, as I have decided to graze the cows on a section for the summer....then after that is done, he's going to cut the hill...this is about 8 acres he's going to be on till midnight I guess....

The lights are on the tractor and its all go, so guess what I'll be doing over the next few days....yep....trying to get the hay made, the haylage prepared and at some point when the contractors are not so busy...I will be getting some silage done on the 6 acre field that the boys graze.

So wish me luck....and keep your fingers crossed for a nice dry spell....and no disasters !

This afternoon...I have managed to move a stack of pallets, which were in the way of the hay turner, I have moved just about every bit of machinery in order to get the hay turner out. I have spent most of the it a bit of a service, everything is oiled, greased and checked....for the start of the hay making quest.....

Just got to hitch it up...and off we go !

I wonder how we are going to get on this year !

I'm hopeful and lets hope it stays that way !!!!

I shall keep you to the trials and store !


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good luck Jayne, and hope there are no trials, no tribulations, just total, tremendous, tedding, twirling, tractor trailering and towing to towering stacks of hay!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I have them crossed...we have taken the easy option for our last field and made big bale silage (for sale not the alpacas!)

Rosemary said...

Good luck, Good luck, Good luck!!
Everything crossed down here!!

Terry said...

Here's to a nice long dry spell for lots of sweet smelling hay!

Aina Siao said...

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