Friday, 26 August 2011

Whey.....Hay......lage !!

A bit to go.....and the baler was not working !!

Working fine.....

Just starting to row up....

Wednesday afternoon........before all the work !

It was all go yesterday...

In the morning I thought I'd have a look at the progress of the pending....haylage ! It was debatable if I needed to turn it again, or just get straight into rowing it up.....thankfully I decided it was ready to go...and I just had to row it I started at 1pm.....and I was busy all day what with one thing and another....I was still carting hay in at 10pm....last night...with very limited lights on the tractor.....I have one side that works..and the other side that doesn't !

The haymaking was not without its usual trials...for some reason...the baler was not working was wrapping sometimes...and not took quite some time to get it sorted.......after a bit of a carry was sorted and off we went !

At a guess....I think that it was about 7 acres...that was cut, I have managed to get 70 bales of what is supposed to be haylage. It is a bit of a trial run this year, so I won't really know till I open the bales in the winter. Last night I managed to cart about 48 bales of hay and bring them up to near where they were to be stacked. I had ran out of space, so today I had about 28 bales to collect off the field this afternoon......I had brought them to the top of the field, just in case I had room to get them all stacked in the place I had hoped for.....and tonight all the bales are wrapped and stacked nice and neatly, ready for the winter.

Most of this will be for the horses, mainly for one who has a dust allergy.....but if its good..I shall try the alpacas with it....but I still have another 8 do, so I'm sure I will have plenty, depending on the weather, it will either be.....hay or haylage.

Then I still have the boys field to get cut.....this will be made straight into silage...for the cows !

I am just pleased that one filed is done and dusted. Just waiting for a nice break in the weather....for the next episode.

I am hoping to get a photo of the nice neat stack.....of haylage as it was dark..when we got finished.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I believe that OMG is reported to be annoyingly over used...but Jayne crikey do you never stop...well done I hope they like it!

Rosemary said...

Well done!
Think you need a rest soon!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That's splendid news - lovely photo's, you've got better weather than us, hope it lasts for you.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I was getting worried about your hay and haylage as its not been that nice here, glad it's safely stacked.