Saturday, 13 August 2011

What a week !!!!

Zoretah & Zirrius.......

The 5 Zanzibah babies......Zirrius, Zadi~Blanca, Zimushka, Zirrianna, Zoretah !

No next year !

Carl & Rosemary.....and whats left of their car !!

The boys sheltering in the new barn, soaked.....

Where do I start..what a week indeed.......the time has just flown by !

On Monday evening I was enjoying a nice shower...around 7pm my phone started I never get many phone calls...and I thought they would ring back....this they did, actually about 4 now I was wondering who on earth was that....I was in the middle of washing my I couldn't nip out and answer it !

Anyway....I eventually got out of the check my phone, then the house phone rang, it was Rob from Wellground...asking if I was ok......yes I replied, then the next thing was ...he thought that I may be required...!! briefly Carl & Rosemary from Westhill Alpacas in Dorset, were up in Scotland, they had a car accident and to cut a very long story short, were stranded at Keith about 25 miles from me.....bedraggled outside Tesco's !!

I got ready quickly and made my way over to collect them, we had been battered by torrential rain over the past couple of days, all the roads and fields were flooded, the river Isla had burst its bank and swelled to triple its size........needless to say both Carl & Rosemary were soaked and shaken with their ordeal, they had spent a couple of hours in the local hospital, making sure they were ok....we then went to Huntly to collect belongings from their car, what a right off.....actually guys, you were very lucky come off with minor injuries.
We called for fish n chips at the chippie, then made our way back to my place. Next day, problem to get back to Dorset, well once again, cutting a very long story short, we managed to find a little fiesta to get them home, my friend Anna had a little run-about, she was actually going to sell it nothing else for it, Rosemary & Carl, acquired another vehicle........and its done them proud, getting them all the way back to Dorset, apparently the heater was on constantly, and they ended up.....sweating all the way there !

As I had mentioned the weather, which has been horrendous, the boys were brought into the emergency shelter ! the barn.......just as well we got it nearly finished, they have spent various nights, in and out .......its great.....I'm even thinking of extending the other time my parents come up in September !

I had one more mating to do....I had thought that Duke might like a lady friend........however he let the side down......!! He was squealing as I caught him, all through getting his halter on....then.....he took a little look at Tremona...who quickly put him in his place.....ears back and hint of an orgle....and there was definitely no romance on the menu !!

Maybe next year...he might be more grown up !.......(I'm begining to think....he might never grow up !!)

So it was back to plan B..... Tremona has been romanced by Zorba.......he has produced me 4 girls, out of 4 I wonder what we get next year......he is a lovely boy, with huge amounts of fleece, he actually yields the most fleece of all. He is also very nice I shall be watching to see.....what we get next year...he is the father of Zadi~Blanca, Zienna and Zakhura......sadly the other girl was a still birth.

So basically that is a capsule of last weeks events......

My friend is coming to visit me today, from Holland, with her children, they are staying for a couple of that should be a nice break for all of us.......

I'm keeping a close eye on the weather......I can smell a dry spell.....coming !


Rob @ Wellground said...

International Rescue !!!! Thunderbirds are Go!!!

I think I am going to rename you Lady Penelope, not Lady Zanzibah if you carry on like this.
The Hyundai will be renamed "Thunderbird One", the farm will be known as "Tracey Island".

Good work Lady Penelope!!!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good to have the new barn available, even though you wouldn't have expected it to be needed in August!

Rosemary said...

Just can't thank you enough, Jayne. If it wasn't for you, I think we would be still be occupying a park bench outside Tesco!
The barn is a fabulous thing - hope you get some better weather soon, though - then you can give it (and yourself) a rest!!

Shirley said...

Well done on the rescue Jayne, it's certainly been a very wet week. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Don't those cria just look gorgeous...all the different colours.

Almost illegal was the same as Duke last year, but has got straight to work this year like an old pro!

Do you ever have a 'normal' kinda week Jayne!