Sunday, 25 September 2011

Look who's sitting beside Me !!

Its just great to have this special sort of friendship....and mutual trust !

Just priceless....moments....shared ! rewarding !!

Peek-a-Boo !!

Just finished.......time for have an alpaca moment !!....

What better way after spending over 4 hours....rowing up my hay...having a break...!
After spending most of the afternoon sitting in the tractor rowing up the hay ready for baling I decided to reward myself with a treat....I went to see the girls and the babies....before going in for a well earned cup of tea !!
I was sitting in the field...and all of a sudden I was joined by my little alpaca friends.....what a marvellous feeling, having great company.....I just love it...and obviously I just love them !!
As I sat, I was quickly joined by Zirrius who comes over and almost sits on you....being a little nuisance as usual...then Zoretah came over, she sat down right next to me, its just a fantastic feeling to be so close to these beautiful their choice !! then soon after Zoretah came for a sit down....little Zadi~Blanca came over to, she said hello, with a little nose sniff and sat down right next to Zoretah !!
Meanwhile......I was being closely watched by Minstrel, who I think was a little jealous, she had a look of disgust on her face, as she usually comes over for a cuddle, but this time she had been the the background, you can see Zimushka. Zoretah was happily chewing her cud......just enjoying the company !!
What a great privilege.......and I know that others who experience this, know exactly what I mean.......any owner who truly has their animals interest at heart...know just how rewarding this experience can be ! with any animal...not just alpacas !
I feel the need to mention, that it saddens me greatly to have to be subject to an article in the most recent edition of the BAS Magazine........!!
I know that most of the small breeders, who have their herds, love their animals and spend time getting to know each and every one.....would never dream of selling into this sort of market !!

I think it is only fare to say, that this market will be solely supplied by the huge commercial breeders, who hold no value over their surplus stock !!, with very little contact. I can only give my opinion on this and I know that I value each and every animal I own.......not just for their 'breeding capability'.....for their characters, personalities, fleeces and just for being privileged to have the sort of moments that I have just

I believe that it will be a very sad day....if the market is saturated to the point of these beautiful animals, holding little or no value....other than for this purpose !

I challenge...anyone.....!! with a experience the delight that I experience on a daily with my alpacas.......

To even bear the thought....of actually having them slaughtered....into cuts of 'Meat' !
I can promise one my alpacas.......It will never happen to any of my animals.....
Actually, I would like this sort of Alpaca be a very venture........nothing would please me more......

I do have to question the morals of the even put this article to print !!
Surely Alpacas....are far more valuable ........I can just hope that others share my point of view.........but this is a part of the business.......I want NO part in !!

I can Peru & Chile.....the breeders use them as a multi purpose animal....but lets face it.......I think we actually have a choice here......and I certainly choose NOT to go down this route !!!!

I can just hope and pray .....others will follow me !!


Terry said...

Oh Jayne! I never heard of BAS before, but it shocks me to think of alpacas being used for meat. For that matter, I'm against animal suffering in any form.

Shirley said...

Always someone ready to make a buck in this life Jayne, regardles of consequences! When you think of it though, with more and more people breeding alpacas what should happen to the animals (especially boys) which won't be used for stud or don't have excellent fleece? The answer surely is to breed less animals - but you'll struggle to achieve that now that they are becoming so popular. Clearly a 'touchy' subject if the lack of comments on your blog are anything to go by! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I'm with you Jayne none of mine will be going for and meat. We have no trouble selling boys so they must be doing something wrong.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Nicely put Jayne - a subject we need to think about, but the magazine article does help to hear the other side of the story, and that's necessary in any debate. Nicely illustrated by your herd. Good luck with the hay-making.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Just got round to reading the article Jayne...this Cumbrian breeder is with you!