Monday, 26 September 2011

You can't please Everyone ! You have to please Yourself !!

Zirrius and Zadi~Blanca ....quality control !

A lovely sight......sun shining and all baled up !

The girls enjoying the sunny day....

Nosey ......checking it out ....

Oh well, sometimes in life you have to stand by your principles, even if that means to stand alone !

Those who know me, will already know, that I am the sort of person to speak my mind and stand alone if necessary !!

After all this is my blog....and my opinion, if others who happen to read this have other opinions, then so be it, however this does not detract from me voicing mine.....sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes indifferent !

All I will say, is......then if the answer to last nights post is to be a responsible breeder/alpaca owner is to breed less and not be part of flooding the market....then this I am prepared to do, after all.......I got into ownership of alpacas primarily for me ! Maybe if this pricks the conscience of others....then so be it !!

Now onto a totally different subject, I have managed to get my hay baled this afternoon. Thankfully the weather stayed kind and I have managed to get some top quality hay. This year the hill has yielded 60, 3ft bales........which is great news, its a nice feeling to have the job done and dusted !

I only have one more field to have cut and silaged.....this is the field that the boys graze, hopefully this will be feed for my cows over the winter.

According to the weather forecast.....its going to be dry all week......maybe that Indian Summer is here and now !


Rosemary said...

Sorry, Jayne - I have been out of blog land for a bit so will have to read back to see what has been happening!
Glad you have got your hay in - it all looks good up there, hope the weather holds!

Terry said...

Hay has become very expensive here due to the drought and fires in Texas and New Mexico. Ranchers have had to come to Colorado to get hay, and it's driven the price of our hay through the roof.

Our neighbors hosted an open house - check out their cria on my blog a couple of posts down - too cute!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Jayne and I have had a long discussion over this on Skype this week.

We are pleased to say that we do not and will never put our alpacas through a meat producing business model.

Not only do I not wish to do this as the whole idea is abhorent to us, but to be honest in our case it does not make business sense either. With only a modest herd of 33 alpacas, we are trying to breed at the top end of the fleece scale for garment production, not slaughter. That gives us a huge return in comparison to meat production, and at the same time we can love and enjoy the alpacas we breed.

I will add a caveat though. It may not be the way we breed alpacas, but I can see why others are investigating the future of this. That is for them to decide, I have no intention of trying to make any politic point over it. It is for others to decide how they breed alpacas and to what end.


Mark said...

Have just read that article Jayne and have to say if she can't find a market (live and kicking) for her boys she really isn't trying very hard.
The UK market is a long way from being saturated in my opinion and she is giving the completely wrong impression to anyone new to alpacas who may read her article.
The Mighty Patou will never be eaten!!