Saturday, 17 September 2011

Water-Babies !!

We are slightly wet today !! ...Zimushka has lost her fluffy britches !!
Water fascination.....'piggy in the middle'

Zirrius and Zimushka.....both want to be in the water !!

Busy day today, cleaning the chicken shed....!

After the Swallows have gone...I like to give the chicken shed a good clean, I have a leaf-blower and its great to clean the wire, its surprising just how dusty it gets. I always wait till the Swallows leave, as I don't want to disturb them, whilst they are nesting !

So the chicken shed now, is nice and clean for going into the winter.

We have had torrential rain again overnight......the land is soaked....! mind you I did manage to do a spot of grass cutting, I wanted to see just how soggy it was....I managed to do some of the track and up to the house, but not the lawns....just far too wet !

Before I went in for my dinner break, I went to have five minutes at the gate, watching the babies......obviously they all came over to see me, then went back to play in the puddle in the field....its marvellous, just how attracted the alpacas and cria, are to the water.....Zimushka was playing in the water the most, she was sitting in the puddle, very happy.....hence the new look.....!! no fluffy !! Waders or wellies essential ! The babies just love, splashing and playing in the puddle.

After dinner, I went back out to finish off.....sorting out the chicken shed, then after the brief grass cutting, I decided to muck out the boys barn, to tidy it up, once again we have had rain and the alpacas are in again tonight.....a dry back and a dry belly, after all there is no fun sitting out in wet fields !.....and my fields are definitely wet !!


Terry said...

Zimushka looks quite different with wet legs!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Ah they look like they are having fun, wet and muddy! lovely

Shirley said...

Yep, if there's a puddle they'll get in and make a mess. Plenty of puddles here too Jayne, terrible weather. Great action shots of your 'aqua-pacas!' Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Lovely to see all the cria.
Due to difficulties this is the first chance I have had to see your blogs again!
Back to normal (somewhere) soon!