Thursday, 15 September 2011

Slightly Jamtastic !

(LtoR) Zoretah, Zirrius,Zimushka, Zadi~Blanca.....only Zirrianna missing !

Zirrianna....too busy eating, to join in !

Slightly jamtastic !......and I've already given some away !

What a reception.....its just great to be greeted this way !

Ah.....remember what a difficult start she had !......Zoretah ! ........she is extra special !!!

I have been busy over the past week or so.....its the time of year, I find myself doing a spot of Jam making !....and Chutney making....

Well I suppose it keeps me out of mischief ! I've been finishing off the last of the jam and chutney today....I seem to have quite a little collection, going on !

Hence the title....of the blog !

Changing the subject slightly......I have been out doing what I do best....spending time with the alpacas, I was out and about in the thick of usual being surrounded by the alpacas...and the babies ! the weather was quite nice today, which makes a lovely change from recently.

I'm sure this is the calm before the my parents are visiting this weekend, I'm sure we will be busy, hoping to do some of the jobs on the 'to do list'...before the winter sets in....not to mention....the still pending....hay/lage crop ! I'm hoping its going to be dry enough soon, long enough, just to get it done ! ..the phrase...better late, than never, springs to mind !

I have a couple of nice surprises....instore ! but you will have to wait and see.....not long now !

I have hung up my pinny for this more Jam making !

I suppose, I'd better dust off my hammer...I can feel a barn extension coming on, along with a few other jobs !

But for the here and the now....I'm having some alpacatastic time !....a little bit of play-time, before all the hard work !!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Home made jam, yummy!

I was talking to someone today who finally got their hay baled this week, the strong wing at the beginning of the week helped with something!

Looking foward to your surprise, I'm been making lots of wild speculations.

Terry said...

Give us a clue!

Rob @ Wellground said...

That jam is blooming fanatastic, I can definately tell you that much ;o)) Yum yum !!!!

Thanks Jayne.