Friday, 17 February 2012

Dusting of Snow !!....and still here !!!

Zimushka and Stravinsky....with a Blanca~bottom !!

We are still here.....we have had a few technical issues regarding the computer !

Hence the lack of blogging, hopefully the issues will be resolved soon, I am actually managing to use the old one for the moment ....but I think its on borrowed time !!
I have been moving haylage into the barn, as we are forecast snow, and a cold spell ...we have had a mildish winter compared to the last has been positively tropical..up to now !
The babies are now into their 4th week of weaning, I have also been doing a spot of worming, all the herd, at this time of year I use Combinex, which deals with the general worming and the liver fluke threat. I decided to treat myself to an automatic syringe to help make the job more efficient and was the first time I had used it and it worked really well !

I have also been doing a little bit of halter training with Stravinsky & Sparky, they are both coming along nicely. Tonight the wind is up and we are wondering if we will awake to snow.
In fact we have had snow flurries all day today.... its nice to be able to handle the youngsters at an early age, its great for building up their confidence around people.

I am still sorting out the fleece for yarn processing, at the moment, I am humming and haring as to how much of what I will decide on .....its a bit of an experiment for us as it will be the first time that I have decided to have some of my fleece professionally spun, obviously I will keep some back for hand when I have more time....I do like to do a little bit of spinning....

So its all quiet here at the moment, the animals are fine and we are just ticking along, I must mention....that the other day I saw the Red Squirrel....for the first time this winter, I usually feed them on the edge of the wood...but this one was spotted on the Fir Tree in the garden, a nice surprise for me as I have wondered how they were doing, but I worry about them coming down from the wood, as the cats are never to far away.

I have Snow Drops in the garden and there are little Daffodil shoots peeping Spring is just round the corner.....then it will be that lovely time of year..when my friends start to arrive......the Swallows.....I just love to see them here safe and sound for the summer.....


Shirley said...

Good to read your blog again Jayne. Swallows sound good, but more snow before that happens unfortunately. We have a fair dusting of it here again this morning. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I got an automatic syringe thing last year and it really speeds things up doesn't it.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

It is all sounding lovely and peaceful up there Jayne...soon be Spring and daffodils!

Ooze said...

so cute... i am very much enjoy reading this blog. thanks for sharing