Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring Cleaning !!

Its great to to get this job done !

The horses were waiting for their tea....!

My big pile.......better out than ..... in !!

I thought that I was going to have an easy day wrong was I !

For some strange reason...I found myself in the muck out the barn, the weather was much better than yesterday, the wind had disappeared and the ground was drying out....

So I rolled my sleeves up got the muck tynes out and off I wield war on the barn !

During the winter months, I deep litter the horses and the alpacas, so there was plenty deep litter to remove.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the whole process.....its a great feeling of achievement when you get those jobs crossed off the list. It took about three hours from start to finish.....I was finished around 4pm and went in for a well deserved cuppa !

If the weather stays nice..I intend to also clean out the alpacas ready for Spring ! I will be on top of my job list if I managed to get this done by March time....I am hoping to get the manure out onto the hay this makes excellent organic fertiliser.

Oh the excitement of muck-spreading.....I can't wait......funnily enough...I also enjoy this task..its almost like a bit of a challenge.....and its a great feeling when you manage to get a good job done !

So Knockie Nora...has worked hard today......and is all tucked up in the barn having a well earned rest.....

Oh...the joys of Spring...well the moral of this story is....if you fancy doing something.....then its a real get the job done !!!!!!

A willing work-force is a happy one....and we are all done and dusted....for tonight

Tomorrow is another day

I wonder ....what ... I get up to !!!!!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

When you're in the mood it's best to get it done isn't it.

Terry said...

It's still winter here. I am longing to pick the pastures as soon as the snow is gone and it thaws out enough.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

It is beginning to feel that we are through the worst of winter...we are all getting a spring in our step and looking forward...not all of us feel the need to create such a pile of poo though...what some people do for pleasure!! Seriously, nothing like getting a job done when you are in the mood.

Shirley said...

Now thats a load of muck! You'll have fun scattering that lot all over your fields. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Lovely lot of muck! What a great job!