Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spot the Difference !!....

My lovely little friend....Zoretah ....always first for a cuddle !!

Zeto...tonight waiting to come in for bed-time !

Zeto's full sister...Zimushka the difference...Zirrianna in the background.

We have had a dry day today, mind you the ground is soaked after the little snow fall earlier last week !

I have been putting bales out for the cows today as they had eaten up all their hay and needed some more. Looks like I will have more than enough of both haylage and hay....I might even have some left over if the weather stays good.

I managed to take some photos today of the alpacas, I decided to do a comparison between the lovely Zeto (Irene's favourite) and Zimushka, obviously there are differences and you can tell them apart without stating the obvious...but its quite amazing just how similar these two are, I shall wait with interest to see if we get another little grey munchkin this year. It is really quite difficult to predict your off-spring and sometimes you do get a complete surprise... which is exciting.

The weanies are now into their 5th week of seperation, Im hoping to do phase 2 of the weaning at the beginning of March, this is when the girls will go back into the main herd with the ladies and Zirrius and Rufus will come out and join the Nick Nacks.....

My babies are due July this year so we are currently just over the half way point with the pregnancies. I have two maidens due this year, Zullulah who is mated with Zanubis and Zienna who is mated with Zerquo.

I am hoping for 2 babies from Zeto, which will be really exciting to see if he passes on his characteristics onto his will be lovely to see all my years of dedication .....making their way into this world...

On that is 6 years this year since we began our Alpaca How Time Flies !! ......which can only mean one thing...I'm 6 years older !!!


Terry said...

A very Happy Alpaca Adventure Anniversary to you!
I love the close-up of Zoretah - looks like a teddy bear.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Two little Zeto's how exciting, he's gorgeous!

It's 5 years this weekend since we took delivery of our first three girls. How time flies eh..

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Six years Jayne and still waiting to see the results of your breeding decisions...I have realised that it takes patience...but it is all part of the excitment!

Happt Anniversary!

Mark said...

Looking good Jayne, we have just passed our 6 year mark, someone was doing well six years ago!