Sunday, 19 February 2012

Snow ...Rosie & Albert !!!

Duke & Zeto...enjoying the snow !

Albert & cute !

and so well trained !!!!!!

The girls ....with Max, Zirrius & Rufus also enjoying the day !

The babies and the Nick Nacks !.....having a roll ! ....

We still have a dusting of snow here in Scotland, although it has been a bright sunny day.

I managed to take some photos of the alpacas out and about today in the snow, its the first time the babies have experienced the white stuff !

Because the ground was covered with snow, I decided to put out some haylage for them all to eat...they usually get fed in the barn, on a help yourself basis. The weanies always have access to haylage as there is limited grazing on the small paddock.

Today I went to visit friends who had a bit of a surprise .... for me to see. I was quickly introduced to Rosie & Albert who are fantastic ! They are Kune Kune piglets, full of mischief and very friendly indeed. Its just great to meet new animal friends who are so cheeky and full of life, apparently the Kune Kune pigs are unlike most other pigs who rut, they graze which was amazing to see them eating tufts of grass....obviously they can be trained to do they both sat down for some special feed....which was great to see, more highly trained than my dogs !! I know that pigs are very intelligent creatures...looks like they are going to provide many happy hours of amusement !

Tonight we still have snow, however its a much more calm evening. The snow always changes the landscape, making everything it touches quite magical.

The babies enjoyed rolling round in the snow this morning along with the girls and the boys..they do like a roll in the snow !


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Duke and Zeto look full of mischief.

Love the piggies, we're thinking of a getting a couple in the future.

Terry said...

Sweet photos! So nice to see the herd enjoying the snow.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Snow and sunshine you are lucky...I am missing the snow this year (not the minus 17 degrees)

Kune Kune pigs...yes I am working on Paul!

Shirley said...

Just love the pigs! There's something of a look of a polar bear about Duke in the snow! Stay warm! Shirley & Robbie