Monday, 26 March 2012

Fencing Finished & Finishing Touches !!

Having a cuddle with her new field last night !

Settling in, I think it gets the seal of approval ...

The Golden Weeping Willow, is in the tree shelter.......hopefully just needs time to grow !

Enjoying their new

The youngsters are in their new paddock !

I actually managed to get them in there one day earlier...which was very much appreciated. Yesterday I walked them across the track and into their newly fenced paddock, thankfully they all followed me with the aid of a trusty bucket !

Almost as soon as they touched the new grass is was a case of heads down and grazing commenced, it was only after a full belly of grass a couple of hours later that the alpacas decided to explore their paddock and had a good walk and look round.

Another gloriously hot day today, we just had a few finishing touches to do. I have a large Golden Weeping Willow in the orchard, it was planted about 7 yrs ago.

Last year I took some cuttings in the hope that I could get some more, I planted them in the ditch and they have been there all winter. A couple of weeks ago they started to sprout shoots and from the cuttings have appeared new leaves. I have re-planted one of these cuttings in the new alpaca paddock, we have fenced round the Willow in the hope that this will also grow into a beautiful majestic tree just like the one in the orchard....I have one or two more cuttings left. I am going to plant one at the top of the 6 acre paddock in memory of Pacosha .....

I am going to divide this field and have the alpacas in the bottom part of this field and move my Highland cows into the top of this field, this is the next job on the 'to do' list and we are hoping to start this job tomorrow.

The alpacas are all out at the moment as the weather is exceptional at the moment for this time of year, we are forecast it to cool down later in the week.

Which will make a pleasant change !


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Great work, it's so satisfying to look back and admire your hard work when it's done isn't it.

Terry said...

Yay Jayne! Good job, you. The alpacas look very happy on their green grass.