Friday, 23 March 2012

Getting There !

Half Day today.... fixing the Rylock ..

Its great to see the fence taking shape !..

Just starting to pull the Rylock wire out.... this morning ... another glorious sunny day !

The fencing team.....

Another glorious day today in North East Scotland, it has been slightly cooler with a light breeze which was much appreciated. It has been so hot and sunny I have had to get the sun-cream out ! Factor 15 be precise.

We have only had a half day I had to be some where this afternoon, we managed to get the longest stretch of the Rylock on, I have one more wire to add to this run of fencing and then this will be complete. I am hoping that by tomorrow all of the fencing will be done ready to hang the gate on Sunday .... that's the plan anyway !

Necessity is the mother of all they say, we have adapted a tyne off the front of the tractor to put the Rylock on, this makes life a little easier as the wire is really quite heavy when you first start off.

I have stapled all the Rylock and guide wires in place ready for the last row and the hog rings to be fixed.....

It will be great to see the alpacas out in their new field...exploring their new paddock. I'm sure they will have a bit of a run round to explore, they will be able to see the adult boys across in the other field from their new I'm sure it won't be long before they spot each other.

This is the 5th dry sunny day this week....the weather has been marvellous for the time of the year, I'm not convinced that winter has well and truly gone.

The clocks are going forward to mark British Summer doubt that's when the weather will get back to normal....just to remind us that we are only in March !!

The girls have only 4 months until July when we look forward to the arrival of the babies.....I have noticed just how much fleece the alpacas are carrying now, its funny how you hardly notice their fleece growing... it just seems to grow under your minute they re sheared and sleek...then the next time you look...they re fully fleeced. Some of the boys are under a large blanket.....and have been feeling the heat over the past week.

A bit like myself !

I have also noticed that the grass is growing in the garden, so its just a matter of time, before I get the lawnmower out...and it will be grass cutting season not to mention....time for the muck-spreading !


Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

You have been busy, fence is looking good am sure the alpacas will appreciate all your hard work

Judi B said...

Sounds like all go in Zanzibar land...however...I think you should give your mum and dad a day off and take them out somewhere nice so that you can all enjoy a day off together...even if you do just talk about what a great fencing job you've done!!

Terry said...

Yes, you all deserve time off!