Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ladies....that Lunch !!

Not quite the Savoy...just yet !!

The Boys...enjoying the weather....a quick hello to me ...and back to the grind !

The fencing team....with Haggis & Dougal....working slightly less harder than us !!!

Taking shape......its a work in progress......another day at it tomorrow .....

In for a cuppa...with my new B'day drill.....

This is day three ... on the fencing task.

Today, we have managed to put the last strainer in position, then it was time to start and put the guide wires on. I am using half height Rylock fencing which is about 2ft high, I will then use plain wire to finish off to the desired height.

We have had a glorious day here, I even managed to get a sweat on.... tonight all the guide wires are in place and we managed to knock in the posts on the longest stretch of the paddock.

We did have a break for tea and went back out to finish the job. I am hoping that the weather stays kind and we manage to get the rest of the fencing completed on this run. Tomorrow it will be time to fix the Rylock wire onto the posts and move over to the shorter side, I hope this will be a bit quicker.....I don't want to be counting my chickens...but I'm hoping that we have what should resemble a fenced the end of the day.

Then it will be another day to hang the hopefully by the end of the week....maybe the alpacas.....might be checking out their new grazing !

Haggis and Dougal were very interested in the new fence....just when we were about to stretch the wires..for some reason....Haggis was determined to be on the other side of the new fence...he was escorted...away from the new fence a couple of times...he eventually got the hint !!

So just a couple of keep you updated on the progress....

Four legs...or four wheels.............what do you think !!!!!!

All I can say at the moment ...........more !


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

The fencing is looking great...looks like you have a good foreman there!

Judi B said...

What a team! It'll be worth it just to watch the alpacas explore their new paddock!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

If your dad gets bored when he comes home tell him there is always a fencing job to be done here!!!

Bev said...

I'm full of admiration for all you fencers.
I'm guessing 8. Divided by 2

Shirley said...

When we had the fencing done for the boys our fencer had a 'mega-thumper' attached to the back of his tractor. They really knock the posts in well don't they? Don't work too hard! Shirley & Robbie

Terry said...

Good going, team Zanzibah! The herd will be so happy in the new paddock.