Saturday, 24 March 2012

Job's a Goodin !!

The fence is now complete... just need a gate and some alpacas !

Its a relief to see it finished ....

The finished fence, two plain wires and half height Rylock to complete the job ! .....

Quality control .... inspect the job !

Fencing update......we are on course... and running to schedule !!

Yet another glorious day....dry and sunny, I think at this rate...we will be having a hose-pipe ban here in Scotland...if this keeps up !

I can't believe this weather at all, positively summery, lets hope we get more of the same in June or July just in time for the hay-making season.

The fencing team are running to a well oiled machine......clanking and groaning with the odd ache and pain to aid in the experience !

If I didn't know might think that we know what we are doing .... although the end result is looking rather professional.... even if I do say so myself !!

Today, we have managed to run out the second wire round all of the paddock, all the wires are now fixed in place and the only job to do is to fix the we are on schedule for the alpacas to be moving into their new field on Monday....

Its getting exciting now....I shall be really happy to see them all exploring their new summer facilities !

I do hope it gets the seal of approval....

Especially after all the hard work involved !


Terry said...

Oh so close now, Jayne!

Shirley said...

Good job, Team Zanzibah! Shirley & Robbie