Sunday, 11 March 2012

Naughty Boys !

Zirrius....he packs a bit of a punch !

But does have a soft side !

But Don't mess with him....Strav !

Sparky & Stravinsky...ganging up on Zirrius....but not for long !

Not quite the pond...more of a plunge pool !!

The weaning is going well all the boys have settled in and found their position within the group.

Zirrius has always been a character since the moment he was born he has been a real character. Never one to shy away from mischief or even conflict, he was climbing on the other cria when he was weeks old......nothing much has changed.

One day last week he found himself in a bit of a strand off between Stravinsky & Sparky. True to form...he decided to show them what he was made of...and stood his ground, a bit of light hearted argy bargy between the boys.

The peace and harmony was soon restored within the group....but never underestimate the little one...he may be small....but he is not to be challenged lightly !

On a slightly different note...most readers will know, I have wanted a pond for years....however I appear to have some plunge pools.....not quite the pond imagined...but there is a reason for the appearance of these......for a while now I have had a very wet patch in the little paddock, it was either a broken drain or a collapsed has transpired to be the is in the process of being repaired....however over night....the holes left have filled with water....hence the plunge pools....!

Unfortunately until these are repaired the weanlings are having to share their paddock with the holes....I have decided not to tape the area I do not like using the electric tape....I had a nasty incident with the tape....Zaninni nearly strangled himself one year...and after that, I vowed never to use the stuff around the alpacas....The holes are not ideal, however the logic is the alpacas can see them and tip-toe around the for the time being.....its a case of between a rock and a hard place !.....but at least I don't have to worry about them getting tangled up !

If my pond retains water any thing like these two will fill up in no time.....and stay full......

That is one big aim....I'm determined to have....a lovely BIG pond....its on the horizon.....then all I want is to find some Swans.....on there ! have to try and achieve the things you want from this life.......then have the time to enjoy them.....if we did not have goals and dreams....then life would be boring !

Aim High..........Fly Low !!

But Don't Forget to ........Enjoy it Along the Way !!


Terry said...

A pond would be lovely!
I didn't know Zirrius was such a scamp! I've always thought he has the sweetest face.

Judi B said...

Interesting that little Zirius is a strong character as our tiny Ebony is fiesty with the others, far more about her than your average weanie! No one messes with her and walks away without a reminder but she's a sweetie with us!

Good luck with that pond...and that it provides a starter home for some swans!

Shirley said...

Our wee man Eck is every bit as fiesty with the others. It's perhaps because if they are small they have to 'punch above their weight' to have respect from the others within the herd. Like your olympic sized pond! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Bev said...

That's funny our little Noah is always the quiet 'put upon' one, but if anything new needs investigating, or a pheasant needs to be warned off the field, Noah's your man.