Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Brief taste of Summer !!

Wellground Stravinsky ... he's looking super in his full fleece.
Once again we have had a very mixed week weather wise.  All the alpacas have been turned out for the summer, however I must confess they have also been brought in on cold wet evenings.  There still is very little grass growing, but I can see some improvements on the fields.  I am waiting for the contractor to come and fertilise two of the alpaca fields, this will help them grow some decent grass throughout the summer, if we ever get one.
Barnacre Duke ... he also is a very handsome boy !

Last week we had a bit of a little birthday celebration, the wood is 7yrs old.  My how time goes by and how things change.  I have been living here for 9yrs in May.  Lots of up and downs, but at least I'm still here to enjoy the things in life ..... that I had aimed for and worked hard to achieve.  They say you have to speculate to accumulate .... I think this is very true. 
Life has a strange way of teaching you to be brave in times of struggle, you should never give up on yourself .... or your dreams or desires in life.  Keep working towards your goals and in the end things eventually work out .... sometimes we never know why, but part of the battle is accepting the things in life we can't change ..... or at least learning to live with the changes, that are forced upon us.
Which sometimes is the hardest battle of all.

I have been doing a spot of paint spraying, I bought these hurdles the other week when I went for the hayrings.  They needed a coat of paint to brighten them up and they now look as good as new.  There are a few that need the odd repair, I'm waiting for my Dad to do a little welding on some, that's something I haven't had a go at .... but I'm hoping that will soon change, I fancy having a go at a spot of welding.

The newly painted hurdle ... looks as good as new... I have painted 6, with probably another 6 to paint once fixed.

We do everything here .... even turning my hand to the odd spot of Bee rescue, I rescued this little fella out of the water trough last week.  The sun was shining so he soon dried off and went on his merry way....

Out for our evening walk, round the wood.  This little wood stretches as far to the big wood in the distance, its lovely to finally see the trees spurting into life. 
Yesterday I also had the piggies for a walk around the wood .... since Zonda has become unwell and Norka has grown the size of a Rhino .... she's not keen to go all together.  So I have got to do separate walks !


Rosemary said...

That bee photo frightened the life out of me! At first glance it looked like a monster bee - then I relaised my grasp of perspective was failing me!
. . . accepting the things in life we can't change ..... or at least learning to live with the changes . . is not easy!!!

Welding?! Can't wait to see you in a welding mask!

Bev said...

Congratulations on achieving so much, on keeping the focus on your dreams. It's good to read how much you enjoy it, I especially like the sound of walking the piggies in your own wood. Bliss..

Terry said...

So glad you've had a taste of summer. It's finally warming up here too. No leaves yet, but the buds are swelling. I'm sorry to hear that Zonda isn't well.

Mark said...

Love the picture of the giant bee!!!

Shirley said...

Good to see Duke again Jayne, you had only just got him when we met him. He's certainly grown into a handsome chap! Shirley & Robbie