Monday, 13 May 2013

Big Scary Monster !!


Speak of the devil, I just mentioned yesterday I was waiting for the contractors to come and fertilise some of the fields where the alpacas graze.  Hey presto, yesterday was the day.  I thought that I would muck out the boys barn with the little tractor .... but the job ended up a bit of a saga, as you will see!

There was a Big and I mean Big scary monster in the fields .... the alpacas were not hanging around, but they did watch with great interest from a safe distance.  This is the fertiliser going on the girls field, it is safe to use with livestock and is soluble which means it will disappear into the ground quickly.  I have opted for a low nitrogen fertiliser which will feed the ground and release the very much needed minerals to support healthy grass growth.
This tractor makes all of mine look tiny, it only took about 20 mins to do all three fields, the tiny birthing paddock only took three sweeps .... and it was done.  I have a bit of spring tidying up to do with the harrows, but I'm waiting for a slightly drier spell as the hill is quite steep.  I have taped off this field ready for the summer, it just needs to be harrowed and left to grow.

The big scary tractor caused quite a stir with everyone ... even the piggies were running around at speed ...just managed to catch this photo of them.

Oh,  yes back to my little job of mucking out the boys barn ... look what happened !  My handle snapped in two.  I had just got three loads done and just typical .... I had only mentioned yesterday that I fancied trying a spot of welding, but didn't expect it would be this quick.
I faffed about for a couple of hours .... with no success !!  I couldn't see out of the mask !!  Rosemary, I did managed to weld just about everything that I didn't want to .... the vice .... the lever, but failed to get them to weld together !!!!
Then the cavalry turned up ..... the contractors, to do the fields .... and I was very happy to see them .... needless to say someone who can weld ... made the job look very easy !
I haven't had the course ... but I have learnt something regarding the idea and what to do .... but I'm not rushing to repair the hurdles just yet !!
I shall leave that one to the professionals.
The lever did get repaired, I did manage to get half of the boys barn mucked out, but I shall do the rest another day .... hopefully with no mishaps !


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I did a spot of hurdle welding when my brother was up at Easter, getting them to stick together wasn't easy so I know how you feel!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good try Jayne!

Rosemary said...

Where is the limit to your talents?!!!

Terry said...

I'd love to have a small version of that tractor!