Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dogue Tired & Visitors !!

Doza, on his new bed .... having a snooze.  I think it is fair to say he is settling in just fine.

Zonda convalescing with Jessie in the conservatory, she continues to make good progress after her operation.  She loves to get on the sun lounger.

The big puppy ... its a hard life growing up and takes allot of energy just trying to keep those big wrinkles awake.
On Saturday afternoon while I was busy trying to make the house more 'Doza' proof, I got a phone call, which was a lovely surprise.  Mable & Imants from Highland Alpacas were hoping to come a pay us a visit, it was a lovely day and it turned out into a fantastic afternoon.

Mable & Imants meeting the big boys .... we spent the afternoon chatting and the time just flew by.

As I was waiting for them to arrive I was quite surprised when a very flashy BMW motorbike came trundling up my track.  I was expecting them to arrive on four wheels for some reason.  What a very smart motorbike indeed, its a pity there wasn't room for three .... or I might have just jumped on the back to for a bit of a blast.
I'm hoping to return the visit very soon and pop over to Highland Alpacas to return the pleasure before they all get a haircut when the shearer arrives next week.


Terry said...

Doza is adorable! My gosh, he's going to be huge! So glad to hear that Zonda is on the mend.

Shirley said...

Doza's got wrinkles just like me!! Robbie

Shirley said...

And say "Hello" to Mabel and Imants from us when you see them again. Ta. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Wow...and so your little (?) menagerie grows! He looks gorgeous and that sad wrinkled face...! Good luck with your shearing!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Can't wait to meet the new pooch, he looks great. It was super to see your visitors Mabel and Imants looking so happy on your blog too.

Hi to all in Scotland.

A Country Chicken said...

Doza is just gorgeous :) Lisa

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I'm loving Doza too!

I expect to see a photo of you on the back of that motor bike when you pay your return visit to Mabel and Imant's...get the leathers on girl!!