Monday, 5 January 2009

Bring On 2009 !!!......A Happier New Year I Hope For Us All !!

This is the first Blog of here goes, believe it or not I have had a bit of a quiet time, but I now have something to report about..

For Christmas I got a lovely addition to my Chicken Collection also !!, no not a real one, unlike some not so far from me, the new additions to the Coire Alpacas are doing well in their new home, I to have rescued chickens from their maker, I really enjoyed giving them a new home, and the egg rewards were definitely appreciated, so I hope that they enjoy their new free range home, scratting around the garden, just doing what chickens do best. Its really rewarding to give them a life and a chance of a new home....good on you!!

What do you think of this fella !!....a Christmas present from my husband !!

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