Monday, 15 June 2009

Boys...Boys....Boys !


Zerquo Brown & White and Zeuss Solid White

It has been rather quiet here..thankfully compared to some, I must mention at this point about Hughie, one of Barnacre alpacas, he has been in the wars, bitten by some irresponsible dog/ owner ! I do hope that he recovers soon and is not too traumatised by the whole ordeal. I must also wish Zahira well as she is still having good days and bad days..I do hope she continues to gain her strength.

Now, we have been out with the camera, I think it was time to take some more pictures of the rest of the bunch.... I think that we need to even up the photo shoot a little so here are a couple of pictures of the boys round here !

I have been busy with my spinning wheel, I thought I'd do a little spinning on Saturday as I was a little under the weather. I decided to spin up a blend of Zaninni and Zeuss. It was a real pleasure to work with, it spun up like a dream... I might even take some pictures later after I have washed it....

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Debbie said...

Thanks for you kind thoughts Jayne. Sadly Zahirah didn't make it, but thankfully Hughie is back to his old self today.