Thursday, 25 June 2009

New Girls in Town !!

Appletrees in Style !
Trienza and Tremona, exploring their new home.

Arrived safe and sound !

Enjoying the Scottish scenery !

I have been out shopping .......some ladies spend their time in high street bouquets, however they don't sell what I was looking for in those department stores !!

So, I found what I was looking for in Somerset, two fawn females to compliment my multi-coloured herd. It was a long journey for them, however I always use the best transport company for my animals, and true to form all went well with their delivery. I am talking about Appletrees Alpaca Transport...... I believe that this is the luxury transport that these animals deserve.

Trienza and Tremona arrived in a 44ft brand new air-conditioned all singing and dancing luxury lorry..... this was the first journey out for Bruce and Angie with their new lorry. I think it speaks for itself......if you ever need any alpacas transported any where, these guys are the business.

So, meet the new girls in town, enjoying their new home and getting to grips with bonnie Scotland.

I am really pleased that all went well for them on their journey to us. It was a long distance travel, but these girls are here to stay.


Debbie said...

They look lovely, tell us more. Will I see their fleeces at Kelso?!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Theres a this space....I might risk it !!...who knows, nice to see you blogging ! might see them in September !!!...........Jayne

Mark said...

Zanzibah expanding! Well done Jayne. What's the grand plan? Domination in Scotland? And then.................the world..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy said...

Fantastic!!!! You kept that quiet. Those gals look lovely. Appletrees are fab too - the lorry looks just great. We've used Bruce a few times and have been very impressed with the service. Well done. Hope you enjoy them. Can't wait to see them!!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thanks for the nice domination indeed !!...I think I've got a long way to go before that happens....the grand plan is...quality in colour !!...the more the merrier !! as far Im concerned.....we are looking forward to our new arrivals in Aug/Sept all being well....Im hoping for some fancy ones.....Jayne