Saturday, 27 June 2009

Settling in ....

Enjoying the sun ..
Lazy days ..

Here are a couple more photos of the new girls settling in fine, they seem to be enjoying their new home and the lovely lush grass....... we have plenty this time of year.

After their long journey on Thursday, both were relieved to be able to roll around and explore their new surroundings. I'm pleased to say that both girls appear to be very happy, without any signs of problems due to their change of circumstances, it always amazes me how well animals adapt to their new environment.

Its nice to have them here safe and sound, we are becoming acquainted...getting to know each other ! Trienza appears to be the most bold, whilst Tremona is a little more shy.

They have been eyeing up the rest of the Zanzibah bunch from a distance... we will be introducing one another a little later on, probably in a week or so.

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