Monday, 1 June 2009

WARNING....for the males out there....this one will make your eyes water !!

On Friday all appeared well with my boys, nothing unusual through-out the day. On Friday night about 8.30pm I went to do my nigh time check and evening feeds.

As I watched the boys at the feed troughs, I was standing behind Zaninni, he is my 'boy' the first baby born here at Zanzibah Alpacas.....he's a real sweetie, I must confess to having a Big soft spot for him !!....on close inspection I was horrified to notice him swish his tail, to my horror I was not pleased at what I saw...... he obviously had been in combat with one of my other males, I don;t know which one but I have my suspicions....I could clearly see that his left testicle was 'hanging outside the sack', I told you it would make your eyes water !! it made me cringe and I'm a GIRL !!.....

We quickly sprung into emergency mode, the vets were called and I hope things would be ok, I was hoping that the testicle could be 'put back' into its rightful place but at this point I didn't know how damaged he was or the options. Thankfully, the vets managed to replace the testicle, he was stitched and given anti-biotics, however there was a reluctantcy to give him any pain I thought that he should be made as comfortable as possible. I spoke to Debbie of Barnacre Alpacas who kindly suggested some Finadyne Granules. Barnacre had a bit of an accident with their stud Golden Guinea who got himself beached on a fence, I was sure that Debbie would be able to advise me what pain relief Guinea was given, she did.

So a very big thank-you for pointing us in the right direction, we got some paste and I can tell that Zaninni is much more comfortable. Now come on men how many of you out there are reading this thinking that after that kind of an injury, you too would need as much pain relief as possible !

It just goes to show, you never know what you will be faced with on a daily basis, these boys have run together for over 3 years with no problem. Trust this to happen, when we have the alpacas sheared, we always have the fighting teeth removed for safety.

Needless to say Zaninni has been moved into the weaning paddock to recuperate with his younger friends, I hope that he will make a full recovery however time will tell....just for you who are wondering.........yes he is still wearing his hat !!!!......and no he wasn't wearing at the time ! of the assault !!


Mark said...

OUCH! I suppose they have go at each other every now and again just to re-establish who's in charge.
Columbus and his buddy Henry were at it last night but thankfully no damage done.

Maybe it's jealousy over the earmits?

Debbie said...

Glad the pain relief helped. Guinea is on top form again now, you can hardly tell anything ever happened.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now then jealousy over the 'earmits' how very dare you ! There not fighting over who's wearing the trousers then ? I know joking aside Zaninni is alot more happier on his medicine. Im pleased to hear that Guinea is back on top form.......Jayne

Lucy said...

Ooooowwweeeeeee! Was it defo another male or could he have been chased by something else? Poor guy. Hope his bits are healing well.