Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Old but Beautiful !!

This lovely old wheel, does work.. Zeuss's fleece spun up lovely !

What about this for a lovely old Spinning parents brought it up for me to see if it would actually work and guess does.

Apparently this spinning wheel comes from Germany, it is very old, I don't know the maker, I bet it has been years since it actually spun, after quite a overhaul by my father, who as you know is very handy with wood....he spent a week on it, doing a few repairs....eventually after a number of goes, he decided to bring it up to see if I knew how to work it.....

Now, I have never seen a wheel like this...a dual drive....and it did have us perplexed for a number of hours.....trying different way of threading it up.....eventually we thought that we might have cracked it.....however, if there is any one out there who knows different I'd love to know.....I think we have it right but I'm not sure.

It certainly works this way.....there are still a few alterations to make it better, you could say its a work in progress....however as you can see, I managed to spin some of Zeuss's fleece. I was quite pleased with myself. The treadle action is lovely, very slow and gentle. I have an Ashford ~Traveller that I use most of the time that I really love.

I must say I have really enjoyed the challenge of getting this lovely old spinning wheel working, I know my Dad has also enjoyed the challenge....

Its marvellous what you can do !...

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