Saturday, 6 February 2010

I can see Green....and grey !

I spy.....some grass...
Any one for a cuddle....Minstrel is waiting for a cuddle, with Zienna and Zullulah.

The snow has been melting over the last couple of days, so I can see a greener landscape starting to appear ! Mind you its very soggy under foot....that's the draw back to the milder temperatures...all the ditches are running with water. No doubt it will take weeks for the land to dry out.

I have been having a spot of tractor trouble last week.... but hopefully is fixed now...I have to be a 'Jack of all trades' up here and sometimes even that doesn't work...I had to call in the experts and the tractor has been away getting fixed... hopefully it is ! I collected it yesterday, put hay out for the horses and cows....all working fine....I'm going to try and start it again tomorrow. I like my tractor and its much needed by me, to make my life a bit easier....I can't really do without it on a long term basis.

The alpacas have been out grazing today, I debated about putting them out as it was drizzling on and off, but they do like to get out and there was some grass to graze so I thought why not !!

By 4pm prompt !...mind you I have a queue of alpacas waiting at various gates, especially if they see me, there is a steady stroll over to the gates to come in for bed-time !

I shall kick them out when the nicer weather appears.....It always makes me feel guilty, when I turn them out !!... I will resist the temptation to bring them in for bed-time ! when the summer time comes. But I do miss the close contact and the odd cuddle !!


Sorcha Dolan Thompson said...

great us too

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Would that be, "Jill-of-all-trades"?
I bet your lot are glad to see a bit of green - it's surprising what they'll nibble at - the grass in our field is so short it's like a snooker table, but they graze all day - we have an open shelter which they are free to come and go in - for months now they've come in at dusk, but interstingly tonight and last night they've stayed out.