Sunday, 7 February 2010


Lovely little Snowdrops...appear like magic in the garden
Zeuss, Zanubis and Norris...

Zelqui...I promise he's not alone !

Today I looked out of the window...and I saw Snowdrops ! I love these little flowers, its a warm reminder that spring is on its way.

I'm sure they weren't there yesterday, as I look out of this window every day, I was watching the little birds feeding in the garden, I'm sure I would have noticed them. Isn't nature marvellous, they just pop up in the garden to brighten your day ! They certainly did that.

We have had another dreary grey day, there is still a little snow hanging round the fields, just holding on in time for the next forecast....this week.

The alpacas have been out, mind you the younger boys hate having to walk through the mud to their field... I know their feeling I do to... another job on the to do list for this summer no doubt.


Sid and Pat said...

Snowdrops - a sight worth waiting for. Hopefully any more snow won't be so bad - or stay so long!!!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Jayne, Yes, great to see the snowdrops again. We've got a few dotted around and also some daffie shoots coming through. Ground is still frozen here and quite slippery but at least the boys can stretch their legs. Take care. Shirley & Robbie