Wednesday, 10 February 2010

This one is for my Daddy !!....but there are still Alpacas to be seen !!

Off ... to drop the
Can you get any closer.....Trienza...sniffing the camera.

I didn't get far....before I had to make alterations !

NORRISSSSSSSSS .............he's great.....HA! HA!

Zienna and Minstrel....having a cuddle !

I have been requested on several occasions from my put some different photos and topics on the I have noted the comments and this one is of a slightly different nature.

Mind you, you don't have to look to hard....but I have managed to strategically place the girls in the photo shoot of the tractor !!

It was bin day yesterday, so I decided that instead of taking it down the track with the quad, as usual...I would give the tractor a run, to see how she started, she is affectionately know as 'Knockie Nora' some who are closely acquainted !!...and only on Sundays does she get her full title....

Now, although she did not spring into life at the push of the button, just a little coaxing and no problem....there she blows !!...I was doubt the combination of new battery, and a trip to the professionals, who went through it with a fine tooth comb...made various changes and so on and so forth...if I mentioned every thing that was done...I'd be on for ever. The last resort, if things did not improve, was a new starter motor, however, things have improved and hopefully this won't need replacing just yet.

Its a good job as the starter motor is in the most awkward of places...its not just behind the quickie if you take that off, you're no better off...its actually behind the mounting brackets that the loader attaches to !!....what a bugger !!

Now I know what you're thinking...its a bit put your bin out with a tractor !!...most people just stroll down the drive, pulling it behind them....not me.

So off I trundled to the road.....with the wheelie bin... placed on the front loader...I started with it at the back...but I must have just got 10ft and it had fallen it was moved to the front, where I could keep an eye on it.

I normally use the tractor for more normal things, just in case you are wondering at this point...putting hay out, shifting bales of hay and straw...and the main job, mucking out the big sheds....which are due to be done very soon...just depending on the weather...I like to try and do these jobs when it is dryer, so it doesn't make too much mess....we are very muddy at the new wellies are doing a sterling job, in fact I'm starting to quite like them. I have had them now about a couple of weeks......

And no....I haven't thrown my old ones out yet !... I affectionately looked at them today, and I did think that I could possibly wear them in the summer-time........What is that about ? ...I might just throw them out in a moment of day.
I know what you are all thinking....I'm slightly a nice sort of way....just thought I'd add that before Mark does !!....They say lunacy is close to Genius !!!....don't they.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Bit of a tractor fan myself.....but the cuddle pic. wins the day....Barbara

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I'm afraid you lost me on the tractor repairs, filling vehicles with water and diesel is about our limit here!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That's putting the bins out in style!
I once threw a pair of slippers in the fire as they had seen better days - go on give those wellies a good heave ho - see how far you can throw them - or plant some spuds in them!