Saturday, 27 February 2010

Russian Mystery is Revealed......

As promised....I managed to get out today....I had a special delivery to go and collect.

Yipee......I was down at the Postal Depot...bright and early, to collect my mystery parcel which had came all the way from Russia.

So I will put you all out of is an Electric Spinning Wheel. I am hoping to get spinning more fleece this year, I can and still will use my Ashford Traveller but I never manage spin up any large quantities to make garments !

I am hoping with this it will take a little bit of the work out of the old after a while I tend to suffer from 'spinners knee' !!!....and I'm getting on you know !!!

However, you will still have to be patient for a little while longer for the next surprise....this one's the best.....and it comes by Royal Appointment....!!

1 comment:

Rob @ Wellground said...

That looks like an instrument of extreme torture. Are you sure you have been sent the correct item ;o))