Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Approaching..weaning time !

Some of the babies....with Zullulah

Duke & Zanubis....

The babies are now 6 months old....and we are approaching weaning time.

I am a little bit behind the weaning time, however all the crias are doing well, the girls are already 5 months into their pregnancies.....and in good condition for this time of year.

I am hoping to do the weaning in the next week or two, just depending on the logistics. I have the barn to re-arrange and a few other jobs on the list before I can do the weaning.

I'm hoping to do some halter training when I have the weanies to play with ! After the sad start this year, its just lovely to be able to give the babies a cuddle. I have been also spending more time in with the Nick Nacks....both are now coming over to see you and will hand feed.

Its lovely to have calm confident alpacas to spend time with, part of my aim is to work with all the animals I have to try and achieve this goal, mind you there are always some better than others at being in human company !

This is one of the reasons I bring my alpacas in every night through the winter months to be in close contact with people...I just think it gives them, that extra confidence from the very start...the foundations .....hopefully for their future life !

It is very quiet here at the moment, we are still coming to terms with things....so we are trying to keep our chin up...and looking forward, making a conscious effort to make a little time every day, to see the nice things around you.....its so easy in times of sadness to just focus on the negative, but if you look hard enough...there is always something to lift your spirits....!!


Terry said...

I hope all the alpacas, especially the weanlings, give you lots of cuddles in this sad time.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I am so with you on the early (appropriate) handling Jayne, it does give the youngsters confidence...resulting in happy alpacas and happy owners too!

Judi B said...

Yep, I agree with getting some handling in early on in the crias life. If the animals are gentle and easy to handle then they will inevitably have a better, less stressful life..as will their new owners! It's also great "Alpaca PR" when visitors arrive and are greeted with those lovely alpaca kisses...provided they can resist grabbing!

Shirley said...

Onwards & upwards Jayne! Take carre. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Hope weaning is going well - and completely agree about the handling.