Monday, 23 January 2012

Bye Bye ..... Daisy !

Daisy on route to her new home !

The boys going play !

Off....she goes...!

Zeto....and the frozen mud !

Zerquo....and the boys one frosty morning last week ...

It has been a busy week here...

On Saturday it was time to wean the babies, I spent quite some time partitioning the barn to make room for the babies. This is phase one the older babies, Zirrianna, Zoretah, Zadi~Blanca Zimushka & Hamish have joined Stravinsky and Sparky (the Nick Nacks).

The weather has been quite miserable since Saturday, gale force winds and heavy showers, so the first day was spent inside the barn, I did turn the babies out with the Nick Nacks but most of them spent the day up in the corner of the paddock, the first days are the most stressful.

Today was the day that I said Good Bye to Daisy the digger, I received a phone call this morning to let me know that the transport was coming to collect her. Daisy was sold just before Christmas, I had decided to sell her as I had bought Ruby to make my life a little easier for mucking out the barns. Daisy has been a great little digger, she has done quite a bit of work here, however I wasn't using her as much as I might have liked and the Siromer tractor will make my life much easier hopefully.

The alpacas all appear to be in good health, the second phase of weaning will happen at the end of February, this is when the two youngest boys Zirrius and Rufus will be ready for weaning. Hopefully by this time the four girls will be able to move back into the herd with the girls and I will have a nice group of young boys which will remain together until they are mature enough to join the adult males. I find that the young boys are not mature enough until they are over two years old to be introduced to the older they will have plenty time to mature amongst themselves until then.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Paul has always had a Daisy on his wish list...but I guess we would need an awful lot of jobs to do to justify you have found little is often best!

Rosemary said...

I hope Daisy has has an exciting life where she is going as she has had with you!

Judi B said...

Good luck with your weaning! I'm hoping hold ours off as there are only 3 so Josephine gets a bit longer with her mum whilst we wait for the other 2 to be ready! I hate weaning time and if it falls during mid-winter it makes it even harder!
(Suddenly I seem able to post on your blog!)

Shirley said...

The boys are looking good Daisy - sorry - Jayne! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Zerquo has the good sense to wear socks in the snow.