Friday, 6 January 2012

Pacosha .....end of an Era !

Pacosha.....her last day out and photo ....

It has been a sad start to the New Year for us here at Zanzibah Land.
On the 28th December, I turned the alpacas out as normal, however what I didn't realise at the time, it would be Pacosha's last day out with the herd !
I noticed she was becoming very fragile and I decided to pen her inside the field shelter, whilst the others were out grazing......that morning she did not want to go out and hung back in the barn....but she decided to follow the girls out, it was a cold windy day and I suspected she was becoming frail. She spent the day in the field shelter quite happy with some haylage.

I had a sad feeling and didn't want to accept what was inevitable. From then on she spent a couple of days inside the barn, eating and being quite comfortable, on New Years Day....I spent some extra time in the barn with all the alpacas....I was sitting down just watching them to make sure all was 5pm that evening, Pacosha was sitting chewing her cud, I was quite surprised just how content she was. I left her to go in for tea.

I usually do the night time rounds about 9pm, when I went back to the barn things had changed, it was obvious that she was not going to make it through the night, she was drifting away, sadly she slept away peacefully, I was with her all the doesn't matter just how old she was still a very sad time.

Pacosha was one of my original girls, imported into the Uk in the 90's....she came all the way from Chile....on a Jumbo Jet. I bought two females in 2006 to start my herd, she was sold to me as a breeding female, however I was never to have any off spring from her, I found out over the years, that she was unable to breed.........I think this was the reasoning behind her sale...........however, I believe what goes round, comes round......and it takes all sorts in this world !!

I can only count on three fingers, pleasant purchase transactions.....and I know, those people know who they are !!!

Thankfully.......Pacosha was here to stay regardless....and I loved her all the same.

I am going to plant a her memory.

I believe her spirit is now roaming on the Ante Plano......where she can graze happily with the others....... she will be missed greatly, but I can take some comfort in the fact that.......whilst she was with us.....I loved and cared for her as best as I could......and she passed away very peacefully........sleep well Pacosha ! xx


Judi B said...

So sorry to hear about Pacosha. You gave her the best life and at least she went quickly without lots of intervention. Big hugs from La Grand-Mere xx (Will this post??)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Thinking of you Jayne...your post, which I am sure was difficult to write, and your care for her in her time of need, says it all. Dave and Joy.

Rosemary said...

We are all so very sorry, Jayne. A very difficult time but a good and peaceful way for her to go - she was a very lovely girl.
Very best wishes.

Bev said...

Sad news, sorry to hear you've had an upsetting time, Pacosha sounds lovely. Good luck with the rest of 2012, things can only get better..

Terry said...

I'n so very sorry, Jayne. I'm glad her end was peaceful.

Shirley said...

Having met the lovely Pacosha, we are very sad at your news, Jayne. She certainly could not have had a better home or have been better cared for. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I can onlt echo the above Jayne. The love and care you gave to Pacosha whilst during her life at Zanzibah is obvious throughout your blog. xx

Mark said...

Jayne, we are all very sorry to hear about Pacosha. I don't think she could have had a better life than amongst the Zanzibah clan.
Keep your chin up.