Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weaning Update !

Zadi~Blanca and Stravinsky

Molly, Thomas & Taco ....

Stravinsky & Sparky have company !!

The babies choose to graze on the frozen area !

Today I managed to take some photos of the babies after weaning, the first day they were kept inside as it was just far too windy to turn them out. So most of Saturday was less of a trauma for them, as their mothers were just on the other side of the divides.

On Sunday I turned them out and they spent most of the day...tramping around the top corner of the paddock.....they were not happy. Unfortunately they managed to turn a once green corner into a great dirty muddy corner !! the ground was so wet after the rain.

Today has been a far happier day, less humming and a more settled feeling crept into the group.

I actually spotted them grazing quite happily, most of them decided to graze amongst the frozen water patches which lie on the paddock, it has been a bright frosty day today.

The babies have settled in nicely with Stravinsky and Sparky, who I think are liking their new companions.

Tonight, I was very doubtful that they would come in for bedtime, however.....at dusk I went out fully expecting a bit of an ordeal....I shouted....for the 'Babies'....and they all ran towards me....I was thrilled, I was expecting to have to allow the girls down...so they would follow....as this is what I had to do the first night !

What a great feeling....to see all the babies and the Nick Nacks....running for bedtime....just lovely !


Judi B said...

Great to hear that your weanies are settling down...we still have that to do in a month or so! You seem to have got a great routing going up there!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Gosh looks like you have had some rain there Jayne...not too much mud?...or is it selective photography (same here!)

Terry said...

I loved seeing Thomas, Molly and Taco!