Saturday, 28 January 2012

Babies & Bootees !!

Zoretah & Stravinsky ...

The little Baby Bootees....

Room for !!

Pocus....was the sun !

This week has been a bit of a chilly one, the mud has frozen which makes a pleasant change.

It is exactly one week gone Friday since the babies have been weaned. They are starting to settle down and get the hang of being on their own, even doing a bit of grazing now instead of just hanging around the top corner, near the gate.

I have manged to do a spot of spinning & knitting this week. I have been making some little baby bootees from some white fleece that I have hand spun, the fleece has been donated from Zeuss, my white boy. Tonight I have managed to finish them, so I thought I'd share a photo of a little new knitware selection, I am currently knitting up some mittens to match.

The babies and the Nick Nacks have settled in fine, I think its nice for them all to have some other company. I was sitting in the conservatory yesterday, doing a bit of knitting and I noticed two Pied Woodpeckers one on the Ash Tree and the other on the Pine did they know that I had just filled up the bird feeder only a matter of minutes ago....!

I then glanced over to the sun lounger.....and I couldn't help notice......that its obviously a hard life here for the dogs.....they say...'Two's Company.....and Three's a crowd !

Any room for me !!!!


Terry said...

Those baby booties are so sweet! They look so soft.
Lucky doggies, soaking up the sun.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Great photo of the the fact the smallest dog gets the biggest space...typical terrier...don't you just love the character!