Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mittens...Mishaps...and Monkeys !

The matching...mittens..

My little monkey....Zirrianna !

Zimushka...and her mishap, thankfully no harm done !

The weanies...Zadi~Blanca (white) Hamish(black) Zoretah(brown) Zimushka(grey) & Zirrianna(rose grey)

Following on from yesterdays blog....I have managed to knit up the go with the little baby bootees....this is my first attempt at doing some baby knitware...with some of my white handspun fleece.

Its been a bit of a cold, damp miserable day today with scattered sleety showers. This morning the sun was shining when I turned the alpacas out..then the weather took a turn for the worse.....

I had a little mishap this morning, I usually turn the girls out before the weanies and the Nick Nacks as I have to walk them across the paddock that the babies are the time I walked back to get the babies out....I had already opened the gate and as usual they all ran out to play !

What I hadn't noticed was that Zimushka was wearing a 'hanger on' somehow, she had managed to get the piece of rope that I use to tie the gate shut...round her neck ! thankfully no problems there and she spent a little time with her additional neck ware...she didn't want me to take it I knew that it wouldn't cause any harm and it did fall off later in the day, I found it by the haymanger.....!

No harm done....but just goes to things happen....and even when you are about....sometimes...they can still find trouble.....I guess it goes with the territory...of being a baby !! ........full of mischief !

Finally I can't help thinking that Zirrianna....looks like a monkey..she has always looked like that.....she reminds me of a gorilla !!


Terry said...

They can certainly find mischief to get into!
The mittens are adorable, as is the monkey face.

Shirley said...

Really cute mittens & bootees, Jayne. You're right about always having to keep an eye on what the animals get up to. We tie everything up with wire here because twine is like a magnet to the boys. We once caught one of them chewing on a long piece of baler twine which looked like someone trying to eat a piece of spaghetti! Fortunately, we got it out - about 6" had already been swallowed! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Hello Jayne, yes things happen so fast with inquisitive weanies! One of ours pinched the poo bucket from right next to moment she was sniffing around, next thing she was running down the field with the handle round her neck..complete panic!Fortunately I managed to catch her quickly and remove the reminded me to never leave a bucket unattended as this happened so fast and was right beside me!!

togoh said...

cool pictures!
great blog!