Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Origin of Zanzibah !...

Zanzibah Zeto .... little nibble !

The Zanzibah Alpaca Logo
I have been requested to explain the Zanzibah origin by Apple Vale Alpacas...well now there's a long story !............mmmm....and a slightly shorter version. So here goes.

I shall try not to bore you, in a nutshell. I just thought it up one day, I have a some might call weird, colourful imagination, others who know me think that I'm quite simply 'mad' in a nice sort of way...I have been told.

Also I decided that I like the name and with my imagination I decided that I could combine an alpaca out of the name and create my little logo that I have also designed. Just for you who haven't seen it here it is !!...

As for the 'Z' names.... I guess you could say that I'm just on a bit of a 'Z' theme at the moment, it might pass one day I eventually run out of ideas... strangely I just make them up as I go and the ones I like I mentally log !...but for Zullulah...I have waited over three years for a little girl to take this name...I thought it would never happen....I've had a few boys you see and last year, my little girl born I decided to call her Zakhura...! I didn't get any more girls, so I had to wait !


Valeri said...

Love your Zeds, love your logo. We name all our babes with Z as well, we have Zoe, Zeke, Zsa Zsa and Zena - I am waiting for a multi so I can use ZigZag!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

It must be catching !!.....once you start, you just can't stop !!....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Thanks for explaining that Jayne - you are clearly very creative in an artistic sense - and there's nothing wrong with a bit of madness "in a good way"! Dave.