Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Raining.....cats and dogs !!...not alpacas.....

I thought that today I would move the younger boys into the 10 acre field !....well the weather has put a stop to that !

It is totally miserable here today, so needless to say I have not moved the boys at all. All the alpacas are having a day in. So although they thought that they wanted to go out, I think with the babies, even today with coats on its not a good idea.

I am also having a day at home !....sitting in front of the fire, although I must say, the dogs are in the top spot....curled up in front of the fire... I will probably end up doing a bit of knitting. Even the cat is refusing to venture out today...he's battened down the hatches also, refusing to get wet.

At this rate the leaves will be off the trees, autumn is here....winter is just round the corner, time to get those alpaca woollies out !

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Debbie said...

It's been very wet down here too, if that makes you feel any better