Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cria Update ..

Dusty with baby Zeto . Minstrel with her little girl and Trienza is fascinated by the new arrival...

I can't believe that baby Zeto is one week old today !...he is a chunky little fella....and is very forward, typical boy !

On the other hand my second cria, little girl is very delicate and very sweet....she is much more quiet that baby Zeto. I am hoping to name her very soon if she continues to progress, just if you are wondering !!....I have a few names up my sleeve !!

Both babies are doing well, the little girl is feeding all by herself, she has got the hang of it, thankfully.... I have decided to supplement her feeds, if at the moment she has had a extra feed from the bottle twice today. Minstrel is feeding the little one mostly, so we are just giving a helping hand.... only when required. If the little one takes it, she can have it.

We have had a very tiring week, little sleep, late night and being very concerned for our little new arrival.... I must mention however, I feel very sad at the latest blog from Coire Alpacas, who are just experiencing a really trying time..... these animals really tug your heart-strings..and when there are sad times, it's really hard to keep positive..... I know... I have been thoughts are with you all.....try and stay strong.

We are still waiting for Marquette to have her baby, she is at day 349 !..

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Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

So glad to see they are doing well. They look lovely. I am particularly pleased that your little girl has recovered from her difficult start. Well done!