Friday, 23 October 2009

New Hat and Scarf .... is finished !

Latest creation....
Hand spun, hand knitted, 'Flower Beanie' ....Hat and matching scarf.

When I took the photo's I had two garden was raining at the time and Diesel thought that he would take some shelter under the bush in the garden !!

The usual model ....

This is my latest creation.

I have been spinning some of Tremona's ( Light Fawn) fleece combined with Zeuss (White). Its a real pleasure to be able to create something quite unique from the animals that you own. I get a real sense of pleasure and satisfaction, being able to make use and enjoy the whole process from start to finish.
I have made this without any pattern, I have just created it as I went along, with a few ideas...that I thought I would experiment with.

I have made a couple of 'Beret' style hats, so I thought that I would make a 'Beanie' style for a change. With a matching scarf for those cold wintry days.

I think that the finished hat and scarf set looks very nice, this is the first time that I have blended lighter colours together. I do like to make individual items, I try not to make the same thing twice. I think that its nice to have something unique.
I had a couple of little garden helpers... do you ever get the feeling you're being watched !

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Well done they look great, you are very clever.