Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Few more Pictures !

Zanzibah Zakhura....last years little girl ! ...a real sweetie
The owl box !.... I don't think there's any owls in there !....... sadly. I have heard them on a night time in the wood, some where !

Little ..... Big .... Trouble ! .... Zeto

The girlies ....

As it was such a lovely day on Sunday, I got a little carried away with the camera....although I did enjoy the photo opportunity nearly as much as the alpacas...... !!....

There is always one who likes to get up close and personal...in this case it's Zakhura....my little black female that was born last year....she is a real sweetie, mind you the new girls are also lovely......I think that both the new girls are fascinated by the new arrivals. Tremona is a real tease at the moment !.... whilst Trienza is a bit of a mischief maker...you regularly find her hanging onto the tail of one of the babies !!

Autumn is definitely here, the nights are much more chilly. The dark nights are just around the corner.....I was out with the dogs this morning and heard a gaggle of Canada Geese flying ahead.... what a lovely sight.....needless to say I wished them well.....'Fly Swift, Fly Safe' !....I always wish them well.

I am feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so I have a bit of time to do another blog. The animals are all tucked up in bed !.... and I'm sitting by a lovely roaring fire. You just never know what the next day will bring !...I'm so pleased that Zienna has continued to improve and that I am not required at the moment. It was definitely the best thing to do, to intervene when she failed to respond to her mum when she was born....its always a bit of a dilemma whether to interfere or not, just in case you do more harm that good. But looks like it was the right decision in this case.


Debbie said...

I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

We get the geese flying over too, although I've not heard or seen any yet.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

I've found that the only way to photograph a black, is close up - otherwise you just end up with a silhouette. Dave.