Friday, 2 October 2009

Marquette has her Baby !

Marquette meets her little girl..
Welcome to the world ..

New mother and baby meet the rest of the Zanzibah bunch !..

Today was the big day, Marquette finally had her baby this morning..... a little black and white multi-coloured female. She was born about 11am.

It is such a relief that everything all went well, as this is the first baby she has had, so I was keeping an eye on her, just in case of any problems. Thank-fully she was born perfectly, no need for any intervention. She was born out in the field, I thought this morning when I turned them out, that today must be the day....she has carried her for 350 days....mind you I have thought that for a couple of days now.

We brought Marquette and the new baby into the building, just to bond for a couple of hours, thankfully there seems to be no problem there. The little one was cushed and making sucking motions within about 15 mins of being born. Later this afternoon they both were turned out to enjoy the rest of the day as it was a lovely sunny afternoon.

I have weighed her and she weights in at 5.75 kgs...the same weight as Zeto who was born a week ago...

Both mother and baby seem to be doing well and Marquette is a lovely natured alpaca, so no spitting problems there... which makes a refreshing change to Minstrel.

I already have a name for her.....I shall post it a little later.

So I think that's all the new arrivals here for us this year, I don't think that Ayamara is pregnant this year, but you never know. There might be one more, and there might not.


Rob Rawlins said...

Congratulations again. This one looks very colourful. Very Picasso. Very attractive.


Knapper Alpakka said...

Good news! Looks like a cutie :-)

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Well done Marquette! I bet you are relieved she's taken to motherhood so well. Cria looks a wee cutie!!