Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two weeks old Today !

Enjoying the winter's day ..

Zullulah ..... the youngest baby. She will be one week old tomorrow (friday 9.10.09)
Zienna and her mother, Minstrel. We have had a spit free week !!

Zeto, he has trouble written all over him ! .... Typical Boy.

How time flies....Baby Zeto in 2 weeks old today....he's a chunky little fella.

Zienna is nearly two weeks old she is doing really well and is keeping up with the others no problem. Its really lovely to watch them when I turn them out on a morning, they all run around at top speed. Even little Zullulah joins in, she will be one week old on Friday.

Its marvellous, just how fast these babies grow. The weather has been kind to them for the first couple of weeks, although they do have their coats on. Just to stop any wind chill.

I can tell already who is growing just by the fit of the coats. Its hard to believe that they are all wearing the same size coat !!

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