Friday, 23 October 2009

Now you see you don't !!

Zeuss's leg continues to improve. field

Last one to the gate is a sissy !!

Just thought that I'd show you all that Zienna has got the idea....after her slow start.

Its Friday today, the weather is not much better, however I decided to move the boys into their new field. They have been in this field before so they know the run.

I decide to move them because they have run out of grass in their little paddock. I had to separate the boys this summer, if you remember Zaninni got a rather nasty injury. I think that it was one of the older boys who was responsible. Also I had to introduce Zanubis, so I decided to do the two jobs at once. As Zaninni was recovering from his ordeal.

However this little paddock is only usually used for weaning and its only about half an acre at the most, so it hasn't done bad.

All the alpacas are out today although it is still quite miserable. I thought that I'd take the camera out and take a few pictures.

I have also been finishing off the hat and scarf that I have been busy knitting, I designed it all by myself, without the hint of a pattern !! I think that its turned out quite nicely.

Just what you need for these damp Autumn days. To keep you nice and snug !

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Debbie said...

Looks like the boys like their new field. It's great to watch them when they get new grass.

So where's the hat photo then!?