Monday, 5 January 2009

Frolicking in the Frost !... - 3 Degrees and its Freezing !

I know, its not -7 over here, unlike some in Speyside ! But its freezing over here, the fire is on, the log store is going down at a rapid rate of knots.

However the alpacas are still frolicking in the frost, the ground is rock hard and they have the 'canny' knack of tip-toeing round the fields....and enjoying the fact that we have no squelchy mud !

Obviously their fleece is just what you need in these sub zero temperatures. All appear to be unaware of this cold snap !...but I guess its nothing compared to where they come from in the Andes !... I must admit to being welded to my thermal underwear collection, and my toes have been cold lately....If I could knit some alpaca socks....I would !


Debbie said...

I have thermals out too!

Mark said...

We hit -6 down here in the south last night. Not nice for us southern softies!