Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Snow has all Gone !

The snow has all gone and its definitely warmer, although not quite a heat wave just yet!

So just a little reminder of what the scenery was like a couple of weeks ago ! Alpacas and lovely, no doubt before we know it, spring will be here and we will be moaning about the weather !

So here's a couple of photos, just to remind us of the babies in the snow, I wonder if we will have any more....I bet we do !....not quite time to cast aside those thermals just yet...!


Perry Wheeler said...

I love those pictures! Snow is one of the things I miss about the 'old country'. I know we can take holidays in the snow, but it's not the same ans waking up to see your own place covered in a crisp, white blanket. Mind you, being able to pick strawberries and apricots on Christmas day almost makes up for it :)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now, Perry,....your just boasting...strawberries and apricots on Christmas Day...we'll have to make do with the white stuff....I like the snow too...makes everything into a winter wonderland....Jayne